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Welcome to the ChiroHealthUSA Learning Management Center! This center was developed to help you and your staff learn more about ChiroHealthUSA and how using our program can virtually eliminate common fears about dual fee schedules, improper time of service discounts and OIG "inducement" violations when offering discounts to your cash, under-insured and federally insured patients. 

Our network utilizes the Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) model to help you offer LEGAL network based discounts. DMPOs are regulated by many states. Therefore, we MUST document proper training for every clinic to ensure you understand how the plan works and more importantly, how to properly implement and explain the plan to your patients. The most common complaint with Discount Medical Plans is misrepresentation by those offering the program. To date, with over 20,000 patients in our network we have had ZERO complaints filed with regulators and would like to keep it that way! Proper training makes that possible.  

While there is NO cost to join our network, proper training is mandatory. The Learning Management Center allows us to offer these courses and confirm completion. Doctors & staff, (at least front desk & insurance) must review the materials, complete the quiz and confirm the names of those completing the course even if you have previously heard an overview about the program from one of our consultants or speakers. These courses are intended to get ALL of your staff to the same level of understanding. These courses may also be viewed at any time to train new staff or review to make sure you continue to explain the program properly to your patients.  

Now Let's Get Started!

There are 3 simple steps to the process which can literally be completed in about an hour! 

Here is an overview of what you'll see and what to expect:

Click the menu tab to the left:  Course Catalog and follow the instructions. It's just that easy!

Step 1 - Enroll in the course, select and watch "Why Do We Need ChiroHealthUSA?"  

Step 2 - Download the provider agreement and view the second webinar   "How to Complete the Fee Schedule". Even if you know what discounts you want to offer, this webinar can be helpful to make sure your discount schedule is completed properly to avoid delays in approval. Submit your completed provider agreement and documents to (888) 685-2220.

Step 3 - View the "How to Implement" course and complete the Assessment and YOU'RE DONE!


What's Next? 

It takes 7 to 10 business days to approve provider agreements once they are received.  Please follow the checklist located on the first page of the provider agreement to avoid delays in the approval process. 


Once approved, you will receive a "Welcome" email notifying you of approval and your “Provider Welcome Packet” will be sent via Priority Mail.  This packet will include your supply of brochures titled "Patients' Guide to ChiroHealthUSA" and enrollment materials. Your "Provider Welcome Packet” will also contain your personalized ChiroHealthUSA Hyperlink along with instructions on how to install the link on your computer desktops. This secure link will allow you to begin enrolling patients in the network immediately when you receive your materials... but ONLY if you have completed the courses!


In the meantime, please have your staff role play the scripts as part of a staff meeting to make sure they are comfortable explaining the program to patients.



Patient enrollment materials will NOT be sent until you have confirmed completion of required courses by completing the Step 3 and completing the Assessment. Transcripts are automatically sent to ChiroHealthUSA. You may also have a transcript of the Assessment forwarded to your email address for your records. We suggest you place these in your compliance manual to document that training has been completed.